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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

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A14.3 Sniper Attack & A14.4 Sniper Check DRM

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A14.3 Sniper Attack & A14.4 Sniper Check DRM


dr 1:

Eliminates SMC, Dummy stack, or (as per 14.4) Sniper; Stuns and Recalls CE crew; breaks MMC (or Reduces MMC that does not break); breaks Inherent crew of unarmored-vehicle/Partially-Armored-AFV; immobilizes unarmored vehicle (see 14.33).


Eliminates Dummy stack; Wounds SMC; Stuns CE crew; pins MMC not immune to Pin results, Inherent crew of unarmored-vehicle/Partially-Armored-AFV or Sniper (14.31).


No Effect

A14.4 SNIPER CHECK DRM: Leadership, Hero: -1; per HS: -1