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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


14.01 Snipers are an inherent part of every scenario OB that has a designated SAN (14.1) of ≥ 2. Snipers are not represented by Personnel Counters, and are not subject to the complete control of either player. A Sniper counter is not a unit, and cannot be used to claim LOS.20

14.1 SNIPER ACTIVATION NUMBER (SAN): Each side's SAN is given in brackets in its scenario OB. A SAN is never > 7, or subject to increase [EXC: at Night (E1.76); DYO Seaborne Assault (G14.261)]. If a SAN is (reduced to) < 2, that Sniper counter is removed from play and that side may make no (further) Sniper attacks. A player is subject to Sniper attack during any PFPh, MPh, DFPh or AFPh whenever he makes a TH, MC, TC, non-OBA IFT, or Entrenching, Original DR [EXC: those made for Prisoners] equal to the enemy SAN. Any such DR that can yield no game result other than a SAN is not made [EXC: the DR required for an attack negated by blocked LOS (6.11) is made]. The Sniper attack occurs after resolving all effects of the DR that activated it, but not before resolving (14.3) all (if any) Sniper attacks made prior to it.


       A10.2 & A14.1

       A14.1 & C3.8

       A14.1 & C3.8

       A14.1 & D.8

14.2 TARGET SELECTION: Prior to the start of play, each player (DEFENDER first) places one friendly Sniper Counter in an unoccupied hex within six hexes of ≥ six enemy-occupied (including enemy "?", but excluding the enemy Sniper counter) hexes if possible. If this is not possible, it must be placed in an unoccupied hex within six hexes of ≥ five enemy-occupied hexes, etc., (thus it may be set up anywhere if no enemy unit sets up onboard). Thereafter, it may be repositioned by the Sniper player (within the same placement requirements) if he forfeits an effective Sniper attack dr (dr 1 or 2 following a DR equal to his SAN) prior to selecting the hex for that forfeited Sniper attack. Whenever a Sniper attack is called for, a dr (∆) is made to determine the result of the attack (14.3). If that dr is a 1 or 2 (and the Sniper player does not forfeit his attack), he must then (but not before all Sniper attacks made prior to his have been resolved as per 14.3) make a Random Location DR to determine the target hex (i.e., as if determining where a SR [C1.31] will land, but with no Initial Accuracy dr) and move his Sniper counter to that hex. If that new target hex Contains > one Location occupied by an eligible (14.22) enemy unit(s), the Sniper player selects which of those Locations to attack. Should the target Location be occupied by > one eligible (14.22) target, use Random Selection to determine the target(s) in that Location [EXC: prior to Random Selection, the Sniper may choose one of the following (if present in that Location) as its target: the enemy Sniper counter; a Vulnerable Inherent Crew; or an unarmored vehicle; if any eligible target is concealed, see 14.23]. If the Random Selection results in multiple targets, only one (Sniper's choice) is attacked by the initial Sniper attack dr; the others are each subject to a new Sniper dr. The Sniper attack is resolved against the selected enemy target(s), with two exceptions:

       A14.2 & A14.21

14.21 ALTERNATE TARGET: If the present target hex contains neither an eligible target (14.22) nor the enemy Sniper counter, the attacking Sniper counter is moved to, and will attack, the hex closest (in hexes) to that target hex which does contain one/both of them. Should ≥ two such hexes be equidistant, the Location with the lowest TEM is the target. Only the lowest (to a minimum of zero) in-hex TEM/SMOKE DRM applicable to any eligible target currently occupying that hex, regardless of LOS, is considered in the comparison [EXC: the +1 HA TEM, and the +1 Factory (but not that building) TEM, are NA]. Hidden Fortifications (e.g., entrenchments, Fortified Building Locations) may be revealed at this time. If the target hex is still undetermined, the Sniper player chooses which of those equidistant hexes to attack.

       A14.2 & A14.21

       A14.21 & B6.3

       A14.21 & B20.92

14.22 NON-TARGETS: All units are eligible Sniper targets except AFV with no Vulnerable PRC, units in subterranean [EXC: Caves; G11.8] or Interior-Building Locations, prisoners, or hidden/friendly/Aerial units. Enemy PRC are Vulnerable to Sniper attack if they are CE and/or occupy a Partially Armored AFV or unarmored vehicle. An unarmored vehicle with no PRC (14.33) can be considered an ineligible target at the Option of the Sniper player.

14.23 CONCEALED TARGETS: If the eligible possible targets include both concealed and unconcealed units, treat the concealed stack as one possible target (regardless of how many units it actually contains) for Random Selection purposes. Then, if a concealed stack is chosen as the sniper's target (either per the above Random Selection or if all units are concealed), the sniper player's opponent must declare the number (only) of eligible possible targets that stack contains. If it contains none (i.e., is a Dummy stack), it is automatically eliminated. If it contains one, that unit is selected. If it contains two or more, the player rolls for Random Selection accordingly.

       A.9, A14.23 & E1.4


14.3 RESOLUTION: A14.3 Sniper Attack A Sniper attack is resolved by the same "1" or "2" dr that caused it. There are no modifications to a Sniper attack, nor does concealment/cowering affect it. A Sniper attack never causes a Collateral Attack or leaves Residual FP, but always inflicts DM on all broken enemy units in the attack Location (10.62). Otherwise, a Sniper attack is resolved as follows:

dr 1: Eliminates SMC, Dummy stack, or (as per 14.4) Sniper; Stuns and Recalls CE crew; breaks MMC (or Reduces MMC that does not break); breaks Inherent crew of unarmored-vehicle/Partially-Armored-AFV; immobilizes unarmored vehicle (see 14.33).

dr 2: Eliminates Dummy stack; Wounds SMC; Stuns CE crew; pins MMC not immune to Pin results, Inherent crew of unarmored-vehicle/Partially- Armored-AFV, or Sniper (14.31).

In addition, the Sniper attack is considered resolved only after the full resolution of all further Sniper attacks generated by Random Selection (14.2), all LLMC/LLTC/Heat-of-Battle DR, etc.

       A14.3, D3.4, & D5.34

14.31 vs SNIPER: An enemy Sniper can be attacked only by Sniper Check (14.4) or if its Sniper counter is selected as the target of an enemy Sniper attack. An enemy Sniper counter is considered part of every Location in the hex it occupies. A pinned Sniper has its counter flipped to its red-on-white side, and forfeits all further attack and repositioning (14.2) opportunities during that Player Turn.

14.32 vs CC: A Sniper attack can attack an enemy unit(s) in Melee without also possibly harming the friendly unit(s) in that Melee.

14.33 vs UNARMORED VEHICLE: An unarmored vehicle and its PRC cannot be attacked by the same Sniper dr. A Sniper attack vs an unarmored vehicle itself can only immobilize it, and only if the Sniper dr were a "1". There is no further effect vs an already-immobilized unarmored vehicle if it is immobilized again. See also 14.22.

14.4 SNIPER CHECK: A14.4 Sniper Check DRM After resolving (14.3) an effective Sniper attack (dr 1 or 2), any unpinned, non-TI, armed Good Order Infantry/Cavalry unit in the target Location which has not yet fired/moved during that Player Turn may attempt to eliminate that Sniper, and will do so on a Sniper Check Final DR of ≤ 2. A Sniper Check Final DR of 3 pins the Sniper. All eligible participating units in the target Location become TI, and must make one combined Sniper Check DR so as to maximize benefit from those Sniper Check DRM.




Leadership factor of one leader directing any unit other than himself making the Sniper Check


Each participating hero


Each participating crew/HS equivalent

A Sniper Check or attack vs a Sniper (14.3) which eliminates a Sniper reduces that side's SAN by one for the duration of the scenario. Mark the new SAN on the SAN track of the Scenario Aid Card. If the SAN is reduced to 1, remove the Sniper Target Selection counter from the game.

EX: An 8-1 leader making a Sniper Check would not qualify for any DRM because a leader cannot modify his own DR. An 8-1 leader with a HS would receive a -2 DRM (-1 for leadership and -1 for a HS taking the Sniper Check). An 8-1 leader, a squad, and a HS would receive a -4 DRM (-1 for leadership, -1 for the HS, and -2 for the squad).