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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

15. HEAT OF BATTLE A15.1 Heat of Battle

       A10.5, A15. & B28.412

       A10.3 & A15.

       A10.62, A15., & E1.54

15.1 HEAT OF BATTLE: The cauldron of battle, which destroyed so many units that failed the test of arms, could also forge better soldiers and/or acts of desperation borne of heroism or despair. This process is reflected by a Heat of Battle DR which follows any Original MC or Rally (not Self-Rally) DR of 2. Unarmed units, Cavalry, PRC, Heroes, crews (including both inherent and Temporary Crews; 21.22), participants in a Human Wave attack, already berserk units, Climbing/Swimming/Wading units, and units in boats/on parachute counters are not subject to Heat of Battle. The Heat Of Battle DR is subject to the following cumulative DRM. The +1 DRM for a broken unit applies even if the unit rallied as a result of the 2 DR which allowed the Heat of Battle DR. A Final Heat Of Battle DR of 5 or 6 results in both Hero Generation and Battle Hardening.






Elite, British, Finnish (each)


Hero Creation (15.21)


Broken, Inexperienced (each)


Battle Hardening (15.3)


French, Partisan


Berserk (15.4, 15.44)


Russian, Allied Minor


Surrender (15.5)*


Axis Minor, Italian




* Non-elite Italian/Axis Minors Surrender on a Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 10.

* Treat as Berserk if: Japanese, Gurkhas, Partisans, Fanatics, Commissars, SS vs Russians, or subject to No Quarter (15.5)

* Treat as Battle Hardening if: Japanese in Pillbox (G1.62) or Cave (G11.97); or if Assaulting/Evacuating side in a Beach Location (G14.32)/on a Pier [errata included]

†Treat as Battle Hardening if: no Known Enemy units in LOS (15.44); Japanese in Pillbox (G1.62) or in a Cave (G11.97); its closest Know enemy unit is in Ocean (G13.491) or if Assaulting/Evacuating side in a Beach Location/on a Pier (G14.32). [errata included]

       A15.1 & A15.41

15.2 HEROES: A hero is represented by a SMC with a Strength Factor of 1-4-9. If it fails a MC, the hero is considered wounded and the counter flipped to the wounded side where it displays a Strength Factor of 1-3-8 and must undergo a Wound Severity dr (17.11). If a wounded hero fails a MC it is eliminated; a hero never breaks or goes berserk and is not subject to Cowering or enforced Pin results [EXC: Minimum Move (4.134), Wounds (17.2), PF Checks (C13.31), ATMM Checks (C13.7) [errata included] and Collapsed huts (G5.5)]. A hero's current printed Morale Level is never lowered by any cause, but could be increased to 10 (9 if wounded) by various causes (A.18).

15.21 CREATION: A hero is randomly created from other Personnel types (even if broken) during the course of play by a subsequent Final Heat Of Battle DR ≤ 6. A leader which becomes heroic automatically rallies and retains his leadership modifier and all leader capabilities (as well as any higher morale rating; a 10-2 or 10-3 leader would be considered a 1-4-10 hero; 1-3-9 if wounded). A leader that becomes heroic is marked with a generic Hero counter (1-4-9X) as a reminder that it retains both its leadership (or commissar) benefits and heroic qualities. A heroic leader may not combine his heroic DRM with his leadership DRM. However, should a heroic leader be eliminated, he can still be the cause of a LLMC. A MMC which creates a hero is not affected in any way (other than possibly also increasing in value due to Battle Hardening). The hero shares the MMC's fire/movement status at the time of creation; i.e., if the MMC was marked with a Prep Fire or TI counter, so is the hero.

       A4.5 & A15.21

15.23 WEAPONS USE: A hero may use a non-MG [errata included] SW as if he were a leader but applies a -1 DRM to its To Hit or IFT DR. In addition, a hero uses a SW normally requiring two men to fire by adding +1 to its To Hit or IFT DR as appropriate (which is negated by the heroic DRM). A hero forfeits his own inherent FP during any phase in which he uses a SW. A hero may fire any Gun ≤ 82mm that normally requires a crew as if it were captured and being fired by an enemy crew (21.11 & 21.12), but his heroic DRM does not apply. If firing a Gun > 82mm, it may fire only once per Game Turn and only during the MPh/DFPh. A hero cannot change the CA of a NT weapon [EXC: if its M# (C2.27) is ≥ 9]. A hero is the only unit which may fire an AFV AAMG while a Rider.


       A15.23, U.S. Vehicle Note 7, & British Vehicle Note 11

       A4.43, A15.23, & A15.24

       A15.23 & A21.11

15.24 HEROIC DRM: A hero/any FG (even if just another SMC) he is part of (providing the hero is firing at Normal Range of either his inherent FP or his weapon counter) may deduct one from its IFT/CC resolution DR. This DRM is cumulative with that of any applicable leadership DRM/additional heroes present in the same attack. Unlike a leader, a hero's IFT DRM is not contingent on being in the same Location with all other members of the FG or in combination with another unit. A hero is always considered Stealthy, and may use his DRM for Clearance attempts. A hero's participation does not exempt other members of a FG from Cowering. The heroic DRM is NA for FT/DC attacks.

       A4.43, A15.23, & A15.24

15.3 BATTLE HARDENING: An armed Personnel Unit can also benefit from a form of Unit Substitution whenever it rolls a 5-8 Final Heat of Battle DR (see also 15.44). This Battle Hardening effect improves the unit in Class (even if broken) by exchanging it for an unbroken, unpinned unit of the same size but the next higher quality. When substituting a unit of the next higher quality, none of the numbers of its Strength Factor can decrease and, if given a choice between two different unit types of the next higher class, must use the one which gains the least (e.g., a German 2-4-7 HS must be exchanged for a 2-4-8 HS; not a 3-4-8 SS HS). Battle Hardening can be refused. A leader which becomes Battle Hardened is exchanged for the next higher grade leader; i.e., a 6+1 becomes a 7-0, an 8-0 becomes an 8-1, or a 9-2 becomes a 10-2; a Finnish/Japanese 9-1 becomes a 10-0. An already elite MMC (or best possible leader or partisan) which is Battle Hardened also becomes Fanatic (10.8) and is marked with a Fanatic counter. It remains Fanatic for the remainder of the game even if subsequently Replaced or Reduced but cannot attain any loftier status due to yet another Battle Hardening result.

15.4 BERSERK: Berserk units are created from infantry by a Final Heat of Battle DR of 9-11 [EXC: non-elite Italian/Axis Minor Personnel units surrender (15.5) on a Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 10]. Mark units with a BERSERK counter when they go berserk. A broken unit which goes berserk is automatically rallied.

       A4.134 & A15.4

       A15.4 & A18.12

15.41 LEADER CONSEQUENCES: When a leader goes berserk, he must (after first resolving any fire attack vs any other targets in that Location) attempt to change any [EXC: units not normally subject to Heat of Battle] other friendly units (even if broken or not subject to that same attack) in the same Location to berserk status also. Each such unit must take a NTC subject to the berserk leader's modification. If they pass the Berserk TC they become berserk; if not, there is no change to their status. After the Berserk TC, the leader forfeits his leadership DRM until he returns to normal.

       A15.1 & A15.41

15.42 MORALE: Berserk units assume a base Morale Level of 10. If a berserk unit fails a MC it is not broken, but suffers Casualty Reduction. A berserk unit never takes a PAATC, nor a LLMC/LLTC, and never breaks, cowers, or becomes pinned except due to PF/ATMM Checks (C13.31, C13.7), Minimum Move (4.134), Wounds (17.2) or Collapsed huts (G5.5). A berserk unit never has its Morale Level lowered by any cause and automatically loses any CX, TI, Concealment or pinned status. However, a berserk unit never receives the leadership benefit of a friendly leader even if this deprives Good Order units of such benefits.

       A15.42 & A22.6111

15.43 CHARGE: At the start of the MPh, each non-Melee berserk unit must charge the nearest (in hexes not MF) Known enemy unit in its LOS and must (if it has sufficient MF) enter its Location [EXC: pillbox (B30.4); Fortified Building (B23.922)] during that MPh in an attempt to destroy it in CC. If equidistant, the ATTACKER may choose which of those hexes he will charge. If multiple berserk units of the same side occupy the same Location they must move together as one combined stack unless they will require different MF expenditures to exit their Location (e.g., units inside and outside a foxhole in the same Location) or one is wounded and one is not.

15.431 All berserk units have eight MF [EXC: Wounded still have only three MF (17.2)]—a total which can never be increased [EXC: road bonus (B3.4); downhill skiers (E4.31)]. A unit which becomes berserk while still moving (i.e., not pinned or wounded) must use the remainder of its MPh to charge. The unit's MF allotment for the rest of that MPh is eight minus whatever MF it has already expended during that MPh. At the start of its MPh before charging, a berserk unit must abandon any SW which individually costs more than 1 PP or which in combination with other 1 PP SW is in excess of its IPC, but may use them in the DFPh/AFPh prior to that, and must still carry those it can retain (DC can only be Thrown—not Placed or Set). A berserk unit never qualifies for Assault Movement even if its "charge" consists of just one hex, nor may it move in the APh but it may Dash across a road.21 The charging unit must take the shortest route (in MF) to the enemy unit, including the use of Bypass (counting Wire as 1 MF for purposes of this calculation only). If, in the act of charging the nearest Known enemy in its LOS, the berserk unit moves into the LOS of a closer (in hexes) Known enemy unit, he charges that unit from that point instead. Similarly, if it moves into a concealed enemy's Location and reveals it (12.15) while charging another unit, the berserker must remain in this hex and attempt to eliminate all enemy units therein instead. Should the only Known enemy unit no longer be in his LOS in the interim, the berserk unit still charges toward the hex originally occupied by that unit. If it still sees no Known enemy unit, it ends its move after entering that Location, and the berserk status is removed at the end of that current phase. Otherwise, it continues its charge to the now nearest Known enemy unit.


       A15.431 & A24.1

       A15.431 & D9.31


       A15.431, A23.6, A23.61, & G1.612

15.432 A berserk unit must enter a Known enemy occupied Location during the MPh if it has sufficient MF and, as such, may possibly force any DEFENDING Infantry therein to attack them with FPF. If the only Known enemy unit is a lone SMC, a berserk MMC will immediately conduct an Infantry OVR (4.15) with neither the NTC nor increased MF normally required and without the option of the SMC entering a new hex. The berserk unit may also attack with TPBF during its AFPh, but this TPBF is halved due to taking place in the AFPh. Survivors are not yet held in Melee, and the stack is marked with a CC counter to indicate this. Because a berserk unit must charge in its MPh, it may never fire during its PFPh—even if ADJACENT to the Location it must charge. However, it may fire during its AFPh (not Opportunity Fire) and DFPh/opponent's MPh. A berserk unit does not take prisoners. Berserk units are always Lax (11.18) in CC.


15.44 NO ENEMY IN LOS: If a unit suffers a berserk result, but has no Known enemy unit in its LOS at that time, the result is changed to Battle Hardening.

15.45 TERRAIN RESTRICTIONS: A berserk unit will not charge through unbridged Water Obstacles, nor a cliff, nor a Blaze; it will charge the next nearest Known enemy unit instead unless an alternate route to the nearest known enemy unit is still closer than the next nearest known enemy unit. If there is no other Known enemy unit, 15.44 applies. However, a berserk unit will move into minefields, FFE/Wire during a charge.

15.46 RETURN TO NORMAL: A berserk unit loses its berserk status and returns to Good Order whenever it (or the group it attacks with) eliminates all (but at least one) Known enemy units in its Location with either TPBF (halved) or FT during the AFPh or CC, or if at the end of a charge there is no Known enemy unit in its LOS (15.431).


       A15.46 & A22.612

15.5 SURRENDER: A Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 12 causes the affected unit to become broken if it is not already, and Disrupted (19.12), and to Surrender immediately to any ADJACENT Known Good Order enemy Infantry/Cavalry as if they shared the same Location.22 If no such enemy unit is ADJACENT, the unit is only Disrupted instead [EXC: Units subject to No Quarter, Japanese, Gurkhas, Partisans, Fanatics, and Commissars never surrender by the RtPh method nor do SS vs Russians (20.21); nor do they become Disrupted whether thusly ADJACENT or not. They instead become berserk on a Final Heat of Battle DR ≥ 12].