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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

*16. BATTLEFIELD INTEGRITY A16 Battlefield Integrity

[In recognition that even simple record keeping is offensive to many, this rule is considered optional. Battlefield Integrity rules are never used in any scenario where either side begins play with less than ten squad-equivalents. However, occasionally, Battlefield Integrity will apply to only one side—as indicated by the presence or absence of the bracketed total number of MMC BPV in the starting OB for each side on the Turn Record Chart.23]

16.1 INTEGRITY BASE: The integrity Base is the number of MMC points a side can lose before it must check for Battlefield Integrity. The Integrity Base for each side is 10% (FRU) of the number printed to the left of the Turn 1 box on the Turn Record Chart. In DYO scenarios, players must sum the BPV of all MMC (not inherent crews) in their starting OB and divide by ten (FRU) to determine their Integrity Base. As play proceeds, each player is responsible for keeping a running Casualty Tally of the BPV of all eliminated/captured enemy MMC [EXC: Rejected Prisoners; 20.3] on the Casualty Tally Track of the Scenario Aid Card. Mark the Integrity Base for each side by placing their Integrity Base counter on the proper box of the Casualty Tally Track. When the Casualty Tally marker passes or lands on its Integrity Base counter, the Integrity Base is immediately subtracted from the Casualty Tally to start a new Casualty Tally, that side's Infantry marker is moved one box to the right on the Previous Integrity Base Loss Track of the Scenario Aid Card, and the opposing player must immediately check for Battlefield Integrity.

16.11 BPV losses due to Deployment or Unit Substitution (19.13) or the rejection/massacre of prisoners are ignored. Only the BPV of eliminated/captured MMC (not inherent crews until they take counter form) is recorded. When a squad is Reduced to a HS, the difference in BPV of the squad and HS is added to the Casualty Tally. Point values for prisoners are not doubled nor are they counted again for elimination after already being counted once as prisoners, nor are they restored due to escape. The BPV of any MMC lost must be added to the Casualty Tally, even if those units were not present at the start of a scenario.24

16.12 Whenever a player receives reinforcements, he adds 10% (FRU) of the BPV of all MMC in those new arrivals to his Integrity Base to derive a new Integrity Base for use thereafter and moves the Integrity Base counter along the Casualty Tally Track accordingly.

EX: The Russian OB consists of 400 MMC BPV, giving him an Integrity Base of 40. Upon loss of a MMC which brings his current Casualty Tally to 43, he subtracts the Integrity Base of 40, leaving him with a new Casualty Tally of 3, and takes a Battlefield Integrity Check. He must lose another 37 MMC BPV before his opponent can make him take another Battlefield Integrity Check. If, in the meantime, he receives MMC reinforcements worth 41 points, his new Integrity Base will be 45 so he shifts the Allied Integrity Base Counter from 40 to 45 on the Casualty Tally Track. Those same 41 points of reinforcements will entitle him to a -2 DRM when attempting to regain ELR (16.3).

16.2 INTEGRITY CHECK: Whenever a player's Casualty Tally is ≥ his Integrity Base he must make an Integrity Check DR. If this Final DR is ≥ 12, the current ELR of all his forces is immediately lessened by one until changed by another Integrity Check. The Integrity Check DR is subject to the following cumulative DRM:






Per Integrity Base Loss (e.g., +1 for 10% losses, +2 for 20% losses)



Enemy Unopposed Armor** or Air Support (+2 if both apply)



x is leadership modifier of best friendly Good Order leader*



Friendly Unopposed Armor** or Air Support (-2 if both apply)



Side has no Good Order leader

*Remember that leadership modifiers are usually negative, so this DRM is in effect usually subtracted. Armor Leaders are applicable.

**Unopposed Armor is defined as any Known Mobile and functioning AFV with a Final TK# < 5 when theoretically hit at 12 hex range by a same-level shot vs its weakest side Target Facing AF without benefit of a CH by the best opposing AFV/Gun (using its normal AP or HE ammunition) currently on the mapboard. Unopposed Armor/Air Support must be actually present on board—not waiting offboard and not under Recall.

16.21 ELR can continue to drop—due to subsequent Battlefield Integrity Checks—to a minimum of 0. Any change in ELR takes effect immediately; i.e., prior to the next MC resolution.

EX: The Russians, whose best Good Order leader is a 9-1, have just suffered losses ≥ their Integrity Base for the first time. Neither side has an AFV or Air Support on the board. Therefore the Russian must take an Integrity Check DR with a +1 DRM for Case A, and a -1 DRM for Case C for a total DRM of 0. The Russians will lose an ELR at this time only by rolling an Original Battlefield Integrity Check DR of 12.

16.3 REGAINING ELR: A player may occasionally attempt to regain lost ELR (one level at a time) by making another Integrity Check Final DR ≤ 2. However, he may ignore all positive DRM and apply all negative DRM he qualifies for. A player may immediately attempt to regain ELR in this manner once per Player Turn as a result of receiving MMC or armor reinforcements during that Player Turn (or Air Support or an OBA FFE successfully placed on an opposing force so that at least one Known enemy unit and no friendly units lie within its Blast radius; Harassing Fire & SMOKE NA) and once per Battle Hardening of a friendly leader immediately after that event. The arrival of MMC reinforcements qualifies the receiving player for a -1 DRM for each 10% (FRU) increment of the current Integrity Base that his reinforcements amount to. A side may not gain ELR it has not lost, nor can it save opportunities to regain ELR until a later time. If an ELR Final Integrity Check DR is ≤ 2, all present cumulative Integrity Base Loss DRM are eliminated and the corresponding ELR marker is returned to 0 on the Previous Integrity Base Loss Track of the Scenario Aid Card. Therefore, a player may attempt to regain ELR it has not lost even though it cannot regain that ELR yet, merely in the hope of voiding all previous cumulative Integrity Base Loss DRM if they are successful.