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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

17. WOUNDS A17 Wound Table

17.1 OCCURRENCE: Wounds are accounted for only when they occur to a SMC, thereby diminishing their abilities but still leaving them in play. A wound occurs as a result of Casualty Reduction or Sniper attack. In addition, an unwounded hero is considered wounded instead of broken whenever it fails a MC. A wounded leader must be marked by a "Wound" counter; a wounded hero is merely flipped over to its 1-3-8 side.

17.11 SEVERITY: Whenever a SMC is wounded, another dr must be immediately made to determine the severity of the wound. On a dr of 5 or 6, the wound is considered mortal and is treated as a KIA instead. On a dr of 1-4, the wound is minor. A wounded man who is wounded again must add a +1 drm to his Wound Severity dr. There is no additional penalty for being wounded more than once.

17.2 MOVEMENT: A wounded man is reduced to three MF (even if berserk/during the RtPh) except while being carried by any form of conveyance (in which case he is considered to have 4 MF), has an IPC of zero, and cannot Double Time. A SMC who becomes wounded (e.g., by Defensive First Fire) after already expending > 3 MF is pinned. A Good Order{J8} wounded man who is not portaging a SW may be carried by any Good Order MMC at a cost of five PP. A wounded leader's two MF bonus for accompaniment throughout the MPh still applies.

17.3 EFFECTS: A wounded man has his Morale Level [EXC: berserk] and leadership (not his heroic DRM) modifier reduced by one (a leadership modifier of 0 becoming +1, one of +1 becoming +2, etc.). However, he is otherwise unimpaired; he may fire a SW or use a radio normally and does not require other units in his hex to pass a LLMC/LLTC due to his wound. A SMC never loses more than one Morale Level and one Leadership DRM due to wounds—even if wounded several times.