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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


18.1 Leader creation during play may occur in either of two ways.

18.11 SELF-RALLY: The first MMC Rally attempt of a player's own RPh may be performed as Self-Rally regardless of Self-Rally capability (10.63) in an attempt to rally that MMC, provided there is no Good Order leader in that Location and the broken unit is not Disrupted (19.12). If this Self-Rally attempt results in an Original 2 DR, the MMC is rallied and, in addition, the ATTACKER may roll on the Leader Creation Table with a +1 drm for having been broken prior to the Self-Rally 2 DR. Any Original DR other than 2 during the Self-Rally attempt is handled as a normal Self-Rally attempt, so the broken unit can still rally without a Field Promotion taking place even if it is not normally capable of Self-Rally.

18.12 CCPh: Anytime a MMC attacking in CC rolls an Original 2 DR, the player makes an immediate dr on the Leader Creation Table. If this results in the creation of a leader, that leader must add his leadership to the Original 2 CC DR that created him (even if the modifier is a +1), and possibly changing its odds due to his one Inherent FP. Unless one or both sides Withdraw due to Infiltration (11.22), both attacks are re-figured using both of the originally-rolled Original DRs and the new leader's FP/Leadership just as if he had been there all along.



       A7.8 & A18.12

       A18.12 & D7.21

       A15.4 & A18.12

18.2 A18.2 Leader Creation The quality of leader created is based on a dr on the Leader Creation Table plus any cumulative drm for nationality, unit type, and status (including the Morale Level of the unit at the time of the Original 2 DR). If more than one type of MMC made the CC attack which created the leader, the MMC with the highest BPV involved is used to determine any Leader Creation drm; if necessary, use Random Selection to determine which MMC that leader defends with. The existence of DM is not a factor. A created leader cannot be refused. The creation of a leader does not harm the base MMC unit from which it is derived.



die roll

Leader Type Created






American, British, German




CC vs AFV or Per odds column <1-1




Base unit has Morale Level ≥ 8




Base unit has Morale Level ≤ 6




Base unit was broken



G.M.D., Russian, Italian

* = NA to Finns or Japanese

EX: If a German 4-3-6 rolls an Original 2 DR in CC at odds of 1-4, the final Leader Creation drm is -2 (-1 for being German, -2 for CC attack at 1-4 odds, and +1 for having a Morale Level of 6). If a Russian 4-2-6 attempts Self-Rally and rolls an Original 2 Rally DR, the subsequent Leader Creation drm is +3 (+1 each for having a Morale Level ≤ 6, being broken and Russian).