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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


19.1 EXPERIENCE LEVEL RATING (ELR): All OB forces in each scenario will specify a given number of Elite, 1st Line, 2nd Line, or Green/Conscript squads/HS with which each Player starts the game. However, during the course of play, each of these units is subject to possible Replacement by poorer quality squads/HS, depending on the interaction of fire, fate, and the prior experience level of the unit. Each scenario OB will list an ELR for that group of units as a number ranging from 0 to 5. This number represents the maximum amount by which an unbroken squad/HS/leader may fail any MC (after modification) without being Replaced by a lesser quality squad/HS/leader. Thus, an unbroken squad/HS/leader with an ELR of 1 would automatically be downgraded if it broke with a MC DR two or more > the number it needed to avoid breaking. Mark the current ELR level for each OB on the ELR Track of the Scenario Aid Card with any appropriately colored Infantry counter not in use.

19.11 ELR IMMUNITY: All crew-types, Commissars, Heroes, unarmed and already broken units are never subject to Replacement due to ELR failure.

19.12 DISRUPTION: Should an unbroken squad/HS/6+1 leader which cannot be Replaced by a lower quality unit fail a MC by more than its ELR, it is broken and marked with a Disrupted counter [EXC: Partisans, Commissars, Gurkhas, U.S. Marines, Japanese (and SS when opposed by Russians), Fanatic units, and PRC are never Disrupted; only broken]. Non-6+1 leaders become Disrupted only by Heat of Battle (15.5). A Disrupted unit may not Self-Rally. Unless rallied by a leader first, a Disrupted unit will surrender at the start of any RtPh it begins ADJACENT to, or during any phase it occupies the same Location as, a Good Order Known enemy Personnel unit not in Melee [EXC: No Quarter 20.3]. Disrupted infantry do not rout unless in an Open Ground (as per 10.531) or Water Obstacle hex (as per B21.43) or if the only armed enemy units ADJACENT are in-Melee/berserk/vehicular (20.21) and may not use Low Crawl [EXC: Night (E1.54)]. Disrupted Personnel remain Disrupted until rallied or captured. Disrupted units do not prevent enemy movement into or through their hex (4.14). but do prevent rout toward or through them (10.51). Disrupted units in Melee may not Withdraw; unless captured, they will be eliminated at the end of the CCPh if still in Melee.



       A19.12 & A20.3

       A19.12 & A20.3

19.13 REPLACEMENT: An unbroken Personnel unit which fails a MC by an amount > its ELR is immediately Replaced by a broken Personnel unit of lesser quality but the same size. [EXC: A squad with an underscored Morale Factor is Replaced by its two broken HS (even if its ELR has dropped below 5); a HS with an underscored Morale Factor is Disrupted instead unless exempt per 19.12. A Casualty MC (10.31) failure which also exceeds a squad's ELR causes that squad to be Reduced to a broken HS of lesser quality.] When Replacing a Personnel unit with one of lesser quality, none of the individual parts of the Strength Factor may increase, and at least one must decrease. When replacing a MMC, the unit's Class must also decrease (i.e., a 1st Line squad/HS cannot be replaced by another 1st Line squad/HS even if all of the individual factors of its Strength factor are less). An unbroken leader which fails a MC by more than its ELR is immediately Replaced with a broken leader of the next lower quality (i.e., a 9-2 is Replaced by a 9-1, a 9-1 is Replaced by an 8-1, etc.).25

19.131 AMMUNITION SHORTAGES: Unit Replacement can also occur if a SSR cites a side's onboard OB as being afflicted by Ammunition Shortages, in which case any MMC of that side which rolls an Original 12 DR on the IFT while using its Inherent FP suffers Unit Replacement after the attack which caused it is resolved. Any MMC subject to, but incapable of, further quality loss is broken after resolution of the attack, unless berserk. Not all members of a FG would be subject to Unit Replacement; determine the MMC affected by Random Selection after malfunction or elimination of applicable SW. Unit Replacement does not occur as a result of a 12 To Hit DR, but A.11 would apply because all SW Original B#/X# [EXC: DC] [errata included] and Ammunition Depletion Numbers are decreased by one during an Ammunition Shortage. All vehicles and Guns are considered to have a circled B# (D3.71) one lower than their inherent B# during an Ammunition Shortage. Those which already have a circled B# start play with a Low Ammo counter already in place. Ammunition Shortages have no effect on CC, Sniper, or Residual FP attacks, but do prevent placement of Fire Lanes.


       A19.131 & R9.4 CG17

       A19.131 & C8.9

       A19.131 & D3.71

19.132 Whenever a SSR (not just an OB) specifically assigns an ELR ≤ 4 to units with an underscored Morale Factor, they suffer Unit Replacement normally regardless of the severity of the quality drop thereby resulting (e.g., a German 6-5-8 → a 4-4-7; a British 6-4-8 → a 4-4-7 [errata included]). Likewise, with a mixed OB of MMC both with and without an underscored Morale Factor, an ELR ≤ 4 would apply to those MMC with an underscored Morale Factor only via SSR.


19.2 GREEN & CONSCRIPT TROOPS: During WW2 many nations were forced to use hastily raised and poorly trained troops.26 Green and Conscript troops represent the bottom rung of the quality ladder, and both are governed by the rules for Inexperienced Personnel. Neither Green nor Conscript troops may ever use Stealth advantages (even a Green squad accompanied by a leader; 19.3). SMC/crews are never considered Green or Conscript.

19.3 INEXPERIENCED PERSONNEL RESTRICTIONS: A Green MMC stacked with an unbroken leader is exempt from the restrictive rules of Inexperienced Personnel, which always apply to Conscripts/Unarmed-units regardless of leader presence.


       A19.3 & H1.22

19.31 MOVEMENT: Except in a Player Turn when being carried by or mounting/dismounting any form of conveyance, Inexperienced Personnel have a basic MF allotment of three—not four, but can still use the two MF bonus for movement in a stack with a leader. Green Infantry moving in such a stack have the normal six MF—not five. Berserk/HW Inexperienced Infantry still receive eight MF.

19.32 SW: The Breakdown Number (even inherent B#/X#; 9.7) of any SW used by Inexperienced Personnel is reduced by one.

19.33 COWERING: Inexperienced Personnel or a FG containing Inexperienced Personnel which cowers (7.9) must shift two columns to the left on the IFT for that attack. A mixed FG of regular and Inexperienced Personnel may thus prove to be a liability because the presence of the latter may penalize the performance of the FG as a whole.

19.34 PAATC: Inexperienced Infantry taking a PAATC must pass a 1TC— not a NTC. The CCV of inexperienced infantry is always one less (11.5).

19.35 CAPTURE: The attacker may apply a -1 DRM (instead of the +1 DRM for a normal capture attempt) when attempting to capture an Inexperienced Personnel unit (20.22) in CC.

19.36 LAX: Inexperienced Personnel are Lax (11.18).