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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized



21.1 POSSESSION: Any SW counter [EXC: radio] possessed by an enemy unit may be used by its new owner, subject to certain restrictions. Possession of an enemy SW can occur only by Recovery (4.44).

21.11 MALFUNCTION: A captured Gun/SW (or vehicle) has its B#/X# decreased by two due to lack of familiarity with the equipment and difficulty of resupply (see A.11). Ammunition Shortage (19.131) penalties do not apply to captured Gun/SW.

       A15.23 & A21.11

       A21.11 & A21.12

21.12 PERFORMANCE: Captured weapons must reduce any Multiple ROF capability by one. All attacks by captured ordnance must use the red To Hit Numbers and add a +2 DRM to all To Hit attempts (Case H). Captured non-ordnance weapons are penalized only by the decrease in their breakdown number and ROF.

21.13 NON-QUALIFIED USE: An ordnance weapon which requires a crew to man it may be operated by non-qualified friendly MMC or qualified enemy MMC by applying the 21.11-.12 penalties to their use. Non-qualified enemy MMC may use these special weapons by doubling these penalties. Two or more SMC may fire a crew-served weapon as a non-qualified MMC; a lone SMC may fire a crew-served weapon only if heroic (15.23) [EXC: a lone SMC may fire a mortar ≤ 82mm as if it were a light mortar; C9.2].

21.2 VEHICLE: A vehicle can be captured only in the CCPh (11.52). An AFV can be captured only if Abandoned (D5.42). If there are no enemy Personnel in the Location with an Abandoned enemy AFV, it may be captured automatically by any Infantry unit in the same location at the end of a CCPh but Ambush is NA. Otherwise, an Abandoned AFV can be captured only by a CC attack capture attempt in a CC Location—even though it is Abandoned. Both sides could attempt to capture it and therefore the Infantry of both sides in that location would qualify as a "Personnel Escort" for the Abandoned AFV's defense until it is controlled by one side or the other. An attack against an Abandoned AFV (whether to capture or eliminate it) is entitled to a -1 DRM because it is a vehicle with no manned MG, as well as the DRM listed in 11.61 (the AFV is assumed to be CE and Immobile as long as it is unmanned).

21.21 TEMPORARY DRIVER: An unarmed vehicle which is captured takes on a new inherent driver at no cost to a MMC captor and can be operated by him even to the extent of leaving a Melee hex as per 11.71. If the vehicle was captured by a SMC, that SMC is removed until the vehicle takes on a new crew (D5.42) or is Abandoned.

21.22 TEMPORARY CREW: An armed vehicle which is captured takes in a new inherent crew by removing the MMC that entered it (or exchanging a capturing squad for a HS). Should the vehicle be manned by a now-removed vehicular crew counter, normal captured weapon (21.11-.12) and red MP (D2.51) penalties apply. Should it be manned by a now-removed HS or Infantry crew counter, its MP allotment is halved, and each attempt to start the vehicle must be preceded by a dr ≤ 4. A dr of 5 results in no movement allowed during this phase (although the attempt still counts as movement insofar as it prohibits/penalizes any other fire or movement attempt by that vehicle); a dr ≥ 6 results in Bog in that hex. A Russian/Japanese captor receives a +1 drm to this dr. Should it be manned by a HS rather than a vehicle crew, both the above movement and doubled captured weapon penalties (21.13) apply. Should it be manned by an Infantry crew counter, only the above movement and normal captured weapon penalties (21.12) apply. A vehicle captured by a SMC is both Immobile and limited to AAMG attacks while he is CE in an AFV. If not CE the vehicle may move, or fire either its BMG or CMG [EXC: CMG/MA if an AFV with a one man turret; D1.322], but may never both move and fire in the same Player Turn. Such fire is not halved due to fire by a SMC, but captured weapon penalties do apply. If two or more SMC capture and man a vehicle, it is considered to be manned by an Infantry HS unless all of the SMC are heroes, in which case the vehicle is considered manned by an Infantry crew.

       A21.22 & D6.5