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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized



11.1 Hill hexsides overprinting a darker, serrated, brownish-black color are cliff hexsides representing near-vertical hillsides. Examples of cliff hexsides are 2W5-V4, 3D3-C4, 8X5-Y6, 9EE2-EE3, and 15N5-N6. Cliff hexsides can also occur along Depression hexsides (such as 24E6-E7 or dF1-G1 of Deluxe ASL).

EX: A unit cannot enter 24D7 from E8 or E7 without Climbing. The 4-6-8 in E8 can enter only D8, E7, F7, or F8 without Climbing. Once IN E7 he can enter only F6, F7, or E8 without Climbing.

11.2 The serrated edge of a cliff is no more of an obstacle to LOS traced along that hexside than the elevation level it separates from the higher hill hex. For LOS purposes, the black art depiction of a Depression cliff is treated as part of the Depression artwork.

EX: The 4-4-7 in 15U6 can see the 4-6-8 in V4.

11.21 Unlike normal Crest Lines (10.23), the Blind Hexes caused by a cliff hexside to a non-adjacent viewer can never be reduced below one regardless of elevation advantage.

EX: A unit IN 24E7 could be seen from C6 if the D6-E7 hexside were not a Depression cliff, but since the cliff is present the unit in C6 has no LOS INTO E7 nor would it have regardless of its elevation advantage (11.21). A unit in D6 can see INTO E7 regardless of the D6-E7 cliff hexside. The Depression cliff in E7 does not block the LOS from C6 or D6 to the Crest-status level of E7 along the E7-F7 hexside.

11.3 There is no additional TEM for a cliff hexside beyond that normally attributable to a hill Crest Line. However, fire across a cliff hexside has several restrictions which do not apply to other Crest Lines.

11.31  No vehicle armament, IFE, or ordnance may fire through a cliff hexside to an adjacent lower level hex [EXC: LATW other than PIAT (C13.61) or MTR with minimum range of 1 hex]. Other SW and Small Arms Fire are not so restricted.

11.32 Only an AA weapon, MG counter, SW ATR, PIAT, MTR with minimum range of 1 hex and/or inherent Small Arms Fire may fire through a cliff hexside to an adjacent higher level hex.

11.4 CLIMBING: Only Good Order Infantry may cross a cliff hexside, and only in the act of Climbing. A Climbing unit may not use, transfer, recover, (un)dm, or repair a SW, Prep Fire, or perform any other form of movement or advance [EXC: 11.432]. A Climbing unit is not subject to Pinning. Climbing is also used to scale buildings (23.424) or bridges (6.4).

11.41 FALLING DR: An Infantry unit must make a DR (∆) ≤ 9 in order to ascend or descend a cliff hexside during that MPh. If a 10 or 11 Final DR is rolled, the unit may not move from its present position during that phase even though it is considered to be in the act of Climbing/descending. If a 12 or higher is rolled on the Falling DR, the unit and any SW in its possession is eliminated. There is a cumulative +1 DRM to the Falling DR if rain, snow of any kind, or heavy winds are currently in effect. A broken/wounded unit may not Climb. A Climbing unit may portage only its CX IPC (i.e., one less PP than its normal IPC; A4.52).

       B8.4, B8.61, & B11.41

11.42 A Climbing unit is using Hazardous Movement, but a LOS may not be drawn to a Climbing unit through the cliff hexside it is Climbing unless the firer is occupying a hex formed by that cliff hexside. All fire to a Climbing unit must be traced to a vertex of the hexside being Climbed. The correct Climbing vertex is designated by placing the Climb counter so that the arrow touches the vertex. If the counter is ambiguously placed, the opponent has his choice of which vertex to fire at. Climbing units never receive a favorable TEM (even Height Advantage) but Hindrances do apply to incoming fire. Any unit that becomes broken, wounded, or berserk while Climbing is eliminated, but Climbing units need not take any type of MC that is not directly dictated by the IFT (including LLMC/LLTC). Climbing units at a level higher than the base level of the hex are immune to Indirect Fire unless the attack crosses the lower-elevation hexside opposite the cliff when being placed in that target hex. For this purpose, OBA is considered traced from the center of the road exiting the firer's Friendly Board Edge at hex row Q, or A5/6, or GG5/6 as applicable.

EX: A Climbing unit is on level 1 of the 2T6-T7 cliff hexside. A mortar firing into T7 will affect the Climbing unit only if its LOF is traced through the T7-T8 hexside.

       B11.42-.43 & B28.41

11.43 Climbing requires ALL of a unit's MF allotment. Infantry attempting to traverse a cliff hexside is placed on an appropriate (i.e., equaling the unit's present height on that cliff hexside) Climb counter on the lower side of the cliff hexside. During its MPh, if the unit successfully descends, it is placed on a Climb counter one level lower than previously occupied. If the unit is ascending, it is placed on a Climb counter one level higher than previously occupied. Normal stacking limits apply to each level of the cliff surface. Unpossessed equipment on a Climb counter is eliminated.

       B11.42-.43 & B28.41

11.431 Climbing units may fire only during their AFPh and never beyond their Normal Range (although combining AFPh Fire with PBF will return their attack to normal strength), and trace their LOS from their Climbing vertex.

11.432 APh: Climbing may not be attempted during the APh. However, if in the MPh a Climbing unit reaches a level equal in height to its destination it may advance across the cliff hexside if ascending (thereby eliminating the Climb counter) or, if descending, it may remove the Climb counter. A Climbing unit is never restricted by the A4.72 APh rules for advancing into difficult terrain, but if there were any movement penalties in addition to Climbing (e.g., leaving an Encircled Location, Climbing in SMOKE, etc.) then the unit would be pinned after advancing off the Climb counter. If scaling a building, the Climbing unit merely removes the Climb counter and substitutes the proper building level counter.

11.433 COMMANDO: Gurkhas, or any unit specified by SSR or DYO special purchase as Commandos are specially trained and equipped for climbing. Commandos are prevented from Climbing a cliff hexside only on a Final Falling DR of 12 and eliminated only on a Final Failing DR ≥ 13 (11.41).

11.434 CX: Climbing units are always considered CX while on a Climb counter. Once the Climbing unit advances off the Climb counter it is marked with a CX counter.

EX: A squad moves to 15T5 on Turn 1; it cannot Climb because Climbing requires all of a unit's MF. During his turn 2 MPh, the player announces the squad is Climbing the S5-T5 hexside and is placed on a Climb Level 0 counter but, because it rolled a 10 on its Climbing DR, makes no progress and remains on the 0 Level counter. However, it is still Climbing. It may use the subsequent APh to move off the Climb counter at ground level and thus forsake Climbing, but if it does not then it may not move from that hex in its next MPh. On turn 3 it continues to Climb and rolls ≤ 9 on its Climbing DR, so it is now placed on top of a Climb Level 1 counter. Now if it changes its mind about Climbing, it must first ascend to level 3 or descend to level 0 before leaving the hex. If it passes its Climbing DR on turn 4 and 5, it will be able to advance onto S5 during Turn 5 in CX status.