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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized



12.1  Brush represents a thinly wooded area with dense undergrowth. Any hex containing grass symbols on a dark green background is a brush hex. 12AA10, 13F5, 14W9, and 15CC9 are examples of brush.

12.2 Brush is a LOS Hindrance. Being in a brush hex does not affect the LOS of a firing or target unit; it is only the presence of brush in a same-level hex between the same-level firing (or observing/spotting) and target hex that forms a LOS Hindrance resulting in a +1 DRM per brush hex [EXC: see A6.7] to any IFT or To Hit DR, or OBA Accuracy dr.

12.3 Brush has no TEM, but because it is not Open Ground it negates Interdiction and FFMO.

12.4 Infantry/Cavalry enter a brush hex at a cost of two MF.

12.5 Brush may be kindled on a DR ≥ 9 and Fire will spread to it from an adjacent Blaze on a DR ≥ 6 (both subject to modification; see Section 25).

12.6 Deep Snow conditions transform a brush hex to Open Ground.

12.7 VINEYARD: A SSR may specify brush (or some other terrain) as being a vineyard. A vineyard hex is treated exactly the same as brush except for also being Inherent Terrain (B.6) and a Bog hex.