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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

17.  CRAG


17.1 A crag represents rough terrain strewn with boulders, crevices, and the debris of numerous rockslides. Any hex containing four gray, irregular boulder symbols—such as 15X9 or 9H8—is a crag hex. It is not the boulder symbol itself, but rather the entire crag hex (inclusive of hexsides) which affects any LOS drawn into or through it.

17.2 A crag is not a LOS obstacle, but it does Hinder same-level LOS by adding a +1 Hindrance DRM for every crag hex [EXC: A6.7] between the firer and target.

17.3 A crag hex has a TEM of +1 to any fire traced into it.

17.4  It costs Infantry two MF and Cavalry/animals four MF to enter a crag hex. Vehicles and ⅝" ordnance counters may never occupy a crag hex [EXC: dm mortars may be portaged into/out of a crag hex, and may also be assembled/fired from it].

17.5 Fortifications other than Wire are not allowed in a crag hex.