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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

25. FIRE


25.1 There are two types of Fire. A Flame is a beginning Fire which has no effect of its own other than the threat of growing into a large, fully developed Fire called a Blaze which is harmful to terrain, units, and LOS. Fires can be set deliberately, or by accident as a result of combat in Burnable Terrain. See the Index and the Kindle column of the Chapter B/F/G dividers. No other terrain type can ever be set afire.

25.11 KINDLING: B25.11 Kindling Attempt Any unpinned, Good Order Infantry unit stacked with a leader (or a SMC alone) may deliberately attempt to start a Flame in the Burnable Terrain it occupies during its own PFPh, provided the SMC passes a NTC for that purpose. Making/directing a Kindling attempt, regardless of the outcome, is treated as Prep Fire which uses all of that unit's fire capability and the Kindling unit is so identified by placement of a Prep Fire counter. A Flame is started if the unit is able to make a DR ≥ the Kindling Number of the terrain (listed on the Kindle # column of the Terrain Chart) after modification for Environmental Conditions. Leadership modifies a MMC Kindling DR with a reversed modifier (e.g., an 8-1 leader directing a squad making a Kindling attempt may add one to the squad's DR). There is a -2 DRM for a Kindling attempt by a SMC, and a -1 DRM for a HS/crew, but a leader may not both make a Kindling attempt and try to direct one. A leader may direct more than one Kindling attempt, but only if all attempts in that Location are predesignated; a leader may not wait to see if other Kindling attempts in that Location are successful before committing another unit to the same task (see MOL; A22.613).

25.12 FT: A FT attacking an unarmored target may cause a Flame in any Burnable Terrain target Location if it rolls an Original K or KIA on the IFT.  After normally resolving the attack on all occupants of that Location, make a subsequent DR and add to it the current applicable (25.5) EC DRM. If this results in the Final DR being ≥ the terrain's Kindling #, a Flame counter is placed in that Location.

25.13 HE: B25.13 HE Fires Any form of HE or HEAT attack [EXC: a Collateral Attack; an attack using the Vehicle Target Type; an attack that causes rubble (24.6)] may possibly cause a Flame in a Burnable Terrain Target Location if it rolls an Original KIA on the IFT. After normally resolving the attack on all occupants of that Location, make a subsequent DR and add to it the current EC DRM unless the Burnable Terrain is a building (25.5). If this results in the Final DR being ≥ the terrain's Kindling #, a Flame counter is placed in that Location. An ordnance attack vs a vehicle is not resolved on the IFT and therefore cannot cause a Terrain Fire except as a consequence of creating a Wreck Blaze which spreads. See 24.11 for how multiple levels are affected.

25.14 WRECK BLAZE: A Wreck Blaze occurs anytime a vehicle is eliminated by a FT or MOL attack < the required Kill Number, by a To Kill DR ≤ half of the Final TK#, by an IFT DR ≤ half of the ★ Vehicle IFT #, by a CC attack DR ≤ half of the highest DR needed for a kill, or by a 1 dr following a 2 DR for an Unlikely Kill (A7.309 & A11.501). A Wreck Blaze is represented by placing a Blaze counter on top of the Wreck. It may spread to become a Blaze in Burnable Terrain in the same Location as per the normal Spreading Fire rules. Should a Location containing a Burning Wreck become a Blaze terrain Fire, the Burning Wreck is removed. A Burning Wreck is not a burning terrain Location; the Fire must first spread from the Wreck to the terrain it occupies before it can spread to another Location.

       B25.14 & B25.651

25.141 MOVEMENT: Unlike a terrain Blaze, a Wreck Blaze does not prohibit movement into the Location, but does require the expenditure of an extra MF/MP to enter the Location due to the resulting smoke [EXC: Heavy Winds 25.63]. This extra MP expenditure is in addition to the normal extra MP cost for entering a Location containing a Wreck (D2.14)

25.15 FLAME: A Flame is represented by a flipped Blaze counter with the Clearance and Hamper Numbers side face-up. All Fires start as Flames, except for Wreck Blazes and those spread by falling burning rubble. At the end of each succeeding AFPh after the Player Turn in which it first appears in the Location, a Flame may possibly turn into a Blaze (25.6) unless earlier extinguished or Hampered by extinguishing attempts (24.72-.721). Mark all newly placed Flame counters with a PIN counter during their initial turn on the board to signify that they are not eligible to spread during that Player Turn's AFPh. Units may move into and remain in Locations containing Flames. More than one Flame counter can exist in the same Location, but all are removed when a Blaze occurs.

25.151 BLAZE CREATION/FLAME EXTINGUISHING: A non-Hampered Flame may become a Blaze in the AFPh of every Player Turn (other than the one in which it first appears) unless it was already extinguished or Hampered (24.721) during that Player Turn. A Flame becomes a Blaze by making a Final DR ≥ the Spread Number of the terrain in its Location. If this Final DR is ≤ 2, the Flame is extinguished. This DR is modified by the EC DRM unless the Flame is in a building. There is also a -1 DRM if the Flame is in a Fortified Building (23.94).

25.2 SMOKE: Any Burning Wreck or terrain Blaze is automatically shrouded by smoke up to four levels [EXC: none in Heavy Winds (25.63); two levels in a Mild Breeze (A24.4)] above the level of the Fire in that hex, so no actual smoke counters need be placed on those Fires. However, Wreck Blazes cause a +2 Hindrance DRM rather than the +3 Hindrance DRM of regular smoke. The SMOKE Hindrance DRM replaces the normal Wreck Hindrance DRM (D9.4) except in the case of an already established Fire Lane (A9.22), or in Heavy Winds (25.63), where only the Wreck Hindrance DRM would apply. Both Wreck and terrain Blazes can create drifting Dispersed Smoke (A24.61) in a Mild Breeze. Flames do not generate smoke. Fire has no other effect on LOS. See also A24.2 and A24.4-.8.

       A24.5 & B25.2


25.3 Fire does not modify a hex's TEM except as outlined above for its attendant smoke effect.

25.4 ENTRANCE/EXIT: Infantry in a terrain Blaze must leave by the end of the next RtPh or be eliminated. Unbroken units unable to leave before that RtPh have the option of breaking voluntarily so as to rout out of the Blaze Location. A non-pinned unit that cannot break voluntarily (A10.41) may move during its RtPh into an Accessible Location just as if it were Withdrawing from Melee (A11.2-.21) even if berserk. [EXC: units in Melee/pinned may not leave during the RtPh and are eliminated]. Such units are vulnerable to Interdiction (as well as minefield/OBA attack) and ATTACKER units must still move first. Vehicular/Cavalry units in a terrain Blaze must leave in their next friendly MPh or be eliminated. Any ground unit that enters a terrain Blaze is eliminated. The occupants of a pillbox (although in a separate Location) are considered fully affected by any Blaze in the ground level of its hex.


25.5 ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (EC): B25.5 Environmental Conditions Chart Before the start of any scenario taking place in temperate climates in which Environmental Conditions have not been specified, make a dr on the EC Chart to determine the EC DRM. The EC Chart dr is modified by a drm based on the month of the scenario. See F11.4 for Arid Lands and G16.3 for Tropical scenarios.


Final dr


EC DRM/drm



≤ 0








Dec, Mar





Nov, Apr





June, Sept





July, Aug







≥ 6

Very Dry




The EC DRM thus derived always applies to the Kindling and Spreading Fire DR except when Kindling/spreading-to a building. The EC DRM also applies (as a drm) to the stream/river depth dr, when such is not listed in a SSR (21.122).

25.6 SPREADING FIRE: B25.6 Spreading Fire Tables Every Player Turn after the first Player Turn in which it appears, a Blaze may spread to any adjacent Burnable Terrain Location (including from the ground floor of a Factory hex to its Rooftop Location, or to Burnable Terrain in the same Location in the case of a Burning Wreck) at the end of each AFPh. A Burning Wreck in Bypass may spread to Burnable Terrain in either/both of the two hexes it straddles. Make a DR for each Burnable Terrain Location containing a Burning Wreck or adjacent to a Terrain Blaze counter and refer to the Spreading Fire Table. If a Burnable Terrain Location is adjacent to more than one Blaze Location/contains a burning vehicle, it is subject to only the one Spreading Fire DR that affords it the greatest chance of spreading. Building Blazes spread horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally (e.g., a Blaze on the ground level of 1E4 can spread to the 1st level of E4 and to the ground level of F3—but not to Level 1 of F3, whereas a ground-level woods Blaze in 2M9 can spread to the first level woods of L8). Woods and orchard fires at ground level are considered to spread at ground level; i.e., a Blaze in 1H2 would spread to ground level of G3— not Level 1 of G3.


Burnable Terrain Feature

Final DR Needed to Spread


Stone Building or orchard

≥ 9

-2 not directly attached

Wooden Building or woods-road

≥ 8

-1 Fortified Building


≥ 7

-1 to lower elevation

Grain or Brush

≥ 6

+1 to higher elevation






+y Wind Direction DRM

25.61  A Spreading Fire DR is modified by a +1 DRM if the Blaze is spreading to a Location of higher elevation or a -1 DRM if spreading to a Location of lower elevation.

25.62 The Spreading Fire DR is modified by EC/Wind Direction DRM, and a -2 DRM if the terrain on fire is not directly attached to the adjacent terrain (or the now-burning vehicle was Bypassing the terrain obstacle as opposed to occupying it). Rowhouses of the same building are considered directly attached to each other as are Inherent Terrain (including rubble, but not AFV/wreck) hexes. If the Spreading Fire DR is successful, a Flame counter is placed in the new Location.

EX: EC are moderate with no wind. For the Blaze to spread to the adjacent wooden building in P4, the Spreading Fire Original DR must be a ≥ 10 (due to the -2 DRM for terrain which is not directly attached to the terrain on fire). To spread to the stone building in O5, the Original DR must be ≥ 11. To spread to the directly connected woods in Q5, the Original DR must be ≥ 7. To spread to the woods in Q6 which are not directly connected, the Original DR must be ≥ 9.

       B25.62 & V4.1

25.63 WIND FORCE: B25.63 Wind Force After the setup of any scenario in which Wind Force has not been specified, make a dr to determine it as per the following table:

Wind Force Table


Wind Force



No Wind

No Wind Direction DRM


Mild Breeze

Wind Direction DRM & Dispersed Smoke


Heavy Winds

Automatic Spread Downwind; None Upwind

If the Wind Force is "Heavy Winds", Fire from a terrain Blaze spreads automatically to Burnable Terrain in the three adjacent downwind hexes as a Flame, and cannot spread at all to the other three adjacent hexes (those that are upwind); Fire from a Wreck Blaze spreads automatically to Burnable terrain in its Location. Smoke has no effect in scenarios while Heavy Winds are in effect. Wind Force [EXC: Gusts; 25.651] does not affect Fire spreading within a building. See A24.61 for the effects of a Mild Breeze on SMOKE. A FT has no Long Range FP (A22.1) during Heavy Winds [EXC: if being fired directly "with the wind"]. "No Wind" is always in effect in non-rooftop Locations of an Interior Building hex.

       A22. & B25.63

25.64 WIND DIRECTION: If a Mild Breeze or Heavy Winds occur during a scenario, roll a die to determine Wind Direction (B.8). The resulting number corresponds to the direction the wind is blowing to. Mark the direction by pointing the Wind Direction counter along the proper Hex Grain of the mapboard. This direction remains in effect until there is no wind or a direction change occurs as per 25.65. During a Mild Breeze, the Spreading Fire DR is modified by the Wind Direction as per the diagram. Wind Direction does not affect Fire spreading within a building or Flames spreading to Blaze status.

25.65 WIND CHANGES: B25.65 Wind Change At the start of each RPh make a DR to determine if the wind will change during that Player Turn. On a DR of 2, a change occurs and a dr is made to determine what the change will be as per the following table:


Wind Change


Direction: one hex clockwise (cw)


Direction: two hexes clockwise (cw)


Direction: one hex counter-clockwise (ccw)


Direction: two hexes counter-clockwise (ccw)


* Force increases one level


* Force decreases one level

* A change of Wind Force beneath No Wind or above Heavy Wind status is treated as a change to Mild Breeze instead. Direction changes have no effect unless there is currently a Mild Breeze or Heavy Winds.

25.651 GUSTS: A Wind Change DR of 12 results in Wind Gusts which have no effect on Wind Force but, for that Player Turn only, allows all terrain Blazes to automatically spread to Burnable Terrain (25.6) in the direction of the Wind (roll for Direction if no Wind). In addition, at least one terrain Blaze currently in effect will spread two hexes during that Player Turn if possible. Determine the Blaze(s) that will spread two hexes by Random Selection from among those with non-burning Burnable Terrain within two hexes of the Blaze in the direction of the wind. Any Flame that spreads two hexes by a Gust appears at ground level in its new hex. A Wreck Blaze automatically spreads only to its own Burnable Terrain Location and is eligible for only a possible one-hex spread instead of a two-hex spread. A Gust eliminates all dispersed SMOKE and disperses all non-dispersed SMOKE currently on the board [EXC: smoke in a Blaze hex emanating from that Blaze hex is never affected by Gusts].

       B25.14 & B25.651

25.66 COLLAPSE: A building Location(s) (determined by Random Selection) in which a Blaze exists (and all levels above it) will collapse (24.12) into burning rubble on an Original Wind Change DR of 12.

EX: The wind is Gusting and the Wind Direction is 5. There are three Blazes in 21FF1, EE1, and EE3, and a Flame in DD2. FF1 is ineligible for the two-hex Fire Spread because there is no Burnable Terrain within two hexes that is not already burning. So only EE1 and EE3 are eligible and subject to the Random Selection DR to determine which Blaze will automatically spread two hexes. The Random Selection DR is Doubles, resulting in both Blazes gaining the automatic two hex spread. A Flame counter is placed in CC2 from the Blaze in EEL DD3 and CC4 receive Flames from EE3. Had the Wind Direction been 3, a Flame counter would have been placed in GG4; had the Wind Direction been 4, EE4 and EE5 would have received Flame counters. Had the Wind Direction been 6, DD2 would have received another Flame counter and CC2 would have received a Flame counter. Had the Wind Direction been a 1 or 2, no spread would occur.

       B23.74, B23.86, B24.11, B24.12, B25.66 & O5.46

25.7 EXTINGUISHING ATTEMPTS: Flames are extinguished as per the Fire Clearance rules (24.72) and Flame Extinguished DR (25.151). A Blaze cannot be purposely extinguished during play.