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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized



29.1 A roadblock is a Fortification counter that may be set up only prior to the start of play and only in a road or runway Location, with the roadblock's arrow pointing to the road—or runway—hexside obstructed.

29.2  Except as stated otherwise, a roadblock is treated as a stone wall across the hexside to which it points, in addition, the roadblock extends straight  along  that hexside  to  the  center  dot  of any  Accessible woods/building Location that includes a roadblock-hexside vertex (see the 29.4 example). The roadblock hexside (and any extension) is a Half-Level Obstacle to LOS.

29.3  The TEM of a roadblock (and any extension) is equal to that of a wall in all respects [EXC: the TEM of the roadblock extension can apply only to Direct Fire].

29.4 No vehicle may cross a roadblock hexside (inclusive of vertices and even if HIP); Infantry/Cavalry may cross such a hexside as if it were a wall. A roadblock on a hexside that is formed by two hexes of different Base Levels is at the higher level and is treated like a Hillside Wall (9.6).

EX: A roadblock in 1G8-H8 extends from the building in H7 to the woods in G9, preventing VBM through (but not just to) the H7-G8-H8 and G9-G8-H8 vertices, and costing Infantry/Cavalry using Bypass there another MF. A squad Bypassing along hexside H7-G8 does not receive the roadblock TEM if fired on from F8 or G9, but would if Direct-Fired on by a unit in H8 that does not have Wall Advantage over the G8-H8 hexside. That squad would also receive roadblock TEM if Direct-Fired on at the H7-H8-G8 vertex by a unit in I8; however, if it was at that vertex Bypassing along hex-side H7-H8, it could not claim roadblock TEM when fired on from I8.

29.5 REMOVAL: A roadblock can be removed by Clearance (24.76); however, such attempts made by separate stacks must use separate DR. A roadblock can also be removed by any HE attack (including DC; see below) that results in a KIA against the roadblock. A Direct Fire ordnance attack vs a roadblock must use the Infantry (Other) Target Type or a SCW TH Table, adding the roadblock's +2 TEM to the TH DR normally (although Infantry targets in the same Location may have different DRM); its LOS must be traced to the center dot of the Roadblock counter's hex and must also cross the roadblock hexside before/after reaching that center dot. Indirect Fire vs a Location containing a roadblock hexside is resolved vs the roadblock using only its +2 TEM, and vs all other targets in the Location with the same Original DR and all applicable DRM (including a +1 TEM for the roadblock). A DC attack can affect a roadblock only if it is Placed/Thrown through the roadblock hexside into either hex formed by that hexside, or Set in the Roadblock counter's Location.

EX: A squad is moving without Assault Movement behind a roadblock. A Gun using the Infantry Target Type fires at it at six-hex range. The Modified TH# is 8, but the moving squad has a +1 DRM (+2 [TEM] -1 [Non-Assault Movement] = +1) while the roadblock has a +2 TEM DRM. The squad would be hit on an Original TH DR of ≤ 7, but the roadblock would be eliminated only if the Original TH DR was ≤ 6 and the IFT DR achieved a KIA.