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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


10.1 CREATION: A wreck is created whenever a vehicle with a wreck depicted on its reverse side has been eliminated. This is done by flipping the vehicle counter over to its white side. Some vehicles have no white side because they have different functioning values dependent on their current status and are depicted with those values as functioning vehicles on both sides of the counter; when such a vehicle is eliminated, replace it with the wreck side of a vehicle with comparable weight, scroungable armament, and armored or unarmored status. Only those vehicles with no vehicle depiction at all on the reverse side leave no wreck behind when eliminated. If such a vehicle is eliminated by a "Burn" result, no Blaze actually occurs but all PRC are still eliminated with no chance for survival. If the wreck is a burning wreck (B25.14, C7.6), a Blaze counter is placed on top of it. A non-burning wreck may be attacked by either side, treating the wreck as if it were still the original vehicle [EXC: for CC purposes it does not necessitate PAATC, cannot be Ambushed, and is considered CE and Abandoned (and therefore Immobile and with no useable MG)]. Wreck counters retain the VCA of the original vehicle but the TCA is the same as the VCA.

       C1.21 & D10.1

       C3.33 & D10.1

10.2 MOVEMENT EFFECTS: A wreck does not increase movement costs for Infantry/Cavalry unless it is a burning wreck (due to the attendant smoke; B25.141). However, a wreck in a hex does increase the MP/MF costs for a non-motorcycle vehicle to enter that hex (2.14), even if not burning (although a burning wreck costs more MP due to the attendant smoke). Wrecks do not contribute to Overstacking penalties. Wrecks (and vehicles) do not completely block entrance to a hex [EXC: Bypass (2.31), One Lane Bridges (B6.431), and Sunken Lanes (B4.43)] but do make entry more difficult through increased MP costs.

10.3 COVER: A non-burning wreck affords a +1 TEM cover benefit as per 9.3 and LOS Hindrance as per 9.4. A burning wreck does not provide the +1 TEM of 9.3 to Infantry in the same hex, nor does the burning wreck create a LOS Hindrance due to the wreck counter [EXC: Fire Lane (A9.22); Heavy Winds (B25.63)]; however, the attendant smoke of a burning wreck does create a LOS Hindrance (B25.2).

       B7.3 & D10.3

10.4 REMOVAL: Wrecks may be removed from play in either of two ways:

10.41 FIRE: Any wreck in a terrain Blaze is removed.

10.42 PUSHING: A wreck is removed at the end of the MPh by any tracked AFV (whose weight is ≥ 90% of the wreck's weight) which remains mobile while expending half of its MP allotment (in addition to any MP cost for entry of the wreck's hex) in that wreck's Location solely for that purpose.

       B6.431 & D10.42

10.5 SCROUNGING: Any non-berserk, unbroken Infantry MMC not in Melee may attempt to salvage a functioning SW from a non-burning wreck or abandoned vehicle, provided that vehicle/wreck has not already been scrounged or marked with a Disabled counter (6.631). Any successfully salvaged weapon is treated as a normal SW (see also 10.51-.52) of that wreck/vehicle's nationality. A unit in the same hex with a vehicle/wreck during its own RPh may attempt to scrounge, but regardless of the outcome, it and any SW it salvages are TI for the balance of that Player Turn. An AFV carried inherent small arms capable of rearming any unarmed unit of up to HS size; thus scrounged small arms can rearm a previously unarmed SMC, crew, or HS completely (as per A20.552). An unarmed squad would be immediately replaced by an armed HS and a still unarmed HS, without the usual Deployment requirements. Such arms cannot be given voluntarily by a manned AFV. To scrounge anything of value, a 1-3 dr (∆) is necessary. The dr also doubles as the number of SW that may be scrounged (selected randomly) if more than one exists. Regardless of the outcome, place a "Scrounged" counter on the wreck/abandoned vehicle to signify that it cannot be scrounged again and all its scroungeable weapons are Disabled.


10.51 Only BMG/AAMG/SW carried by the vehicle as per Vehicle Listing Notes may be recovered by scrounging. Fixed-Mount (1.81) BMG, ordnance, CMG, smoke dispensers, FT, and MA other than mortars cannot be scrounged [EXC: CMG that may be repositioned as AAMG may be Scrounged].

10.52 A scrounged MG is represented by a LMG counter of that wreck/vehicle's nationality, regardless of its FP while mounted in the vehicle (U.S. LMG are represented by British LMG counters without captured weapon use penalties). A MG/mortar is always scrounged in its dm form if possible.