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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


       A12.152, E2, & E1.16

2.1 INCIDENCE: Whenever a Personnel unit surrenders or is captured it is subject to immediate Interrogation.14 The captor must make one DR on the Interrogation Table for each captured unit. An Interrogation DR can never be remade for the same Prisoner, even if the first DR did not yield a usable benefit.

2.2 INTERROGATION TABLE: E2.2 Interrogation Table The following cumulative DRM are applicable to the Interrogation Table DR:

Final DR





No Effect


Prisoner is squad


Concealed Unit(s) Revealed


Prisoner is Inexperienced


HIP Unit(s) Revealed*


Prisoner's Heroic DRM


Hidden Fortification(s) Revealed*

+ 1

Prisoner is Elite


Defenses Compromised

+ 1

Guard is Inexperienced



+ 1

Prisoner is SMC

* If not applicable, select any result with a higher Final DR. If equidistant qualifying hexes exist, the choice of which hex to reveal is made by the interrogated player. Automatic Right of Inspection (A12.16) regardless of LOS is permitted of any non-concealed unit.

2.21 CONCEALED UNIT(S) REVEALED: The prisoner player must remove all his "?" from the closest (in hexes) hex that contains such (see 2.3).

2.22 HIP UNIT(S) REVEALED: The prisoner player must place on board beneath "?" all his hidden units that are in the closest (in hexes) hex that contains such (see 2.3).

2.23 HIDDEN FORTIFICATION(S) REVEALED:  The prisoner player must reveal his closest (in hexes) hidden Fortification (including type and strength in the case of minefields). All Fortifications adjacent to another Fortification of the same type are a multi-hex Fortification System which must be revealed in its entirety [EXC: 2.3]. A tunnel's Location is based on its entrance/exit hexes—not the subterranean hexes. If multiple Fortifications exist in a hex to be revealed, all of those Fortifications/Fortification Systems in that hex are revealed.

2.24 DEFENSES COMPROMISED: The Prisoner's side is subject to one application each of 2.21, 2.22, and 2.23 (including normal replacement of NA results; 2.2).

EX: If the Prisoner suffers a "Defenses Compromised" result and the only applicable case is Concealment Loss, the Prisoner's side is subject to Concealment Loss in the three closest hexes containing his concealed units.

2.3 LOS/RANGE RESTRICTION: No unit/Fortification is revealed if it is both out of LOS of the Prisoner and more than eight hexes away. For purposes of this rule only, the Prisoner can trace its LOS from any Location in its current hex that it could conceivably reach in its next MPh (the Prisoner need not be in that Location—it just needs to be able to reach it). This restriction does not apply to information gained from civilians (2.42).

2.4 CIVILIANS: The remnants of the local populace of any battlefield were frequent sources of information about enemy troop movements. This possibility exists only by SSR in every RPh as an inherent part of the Wind Change DR (B25.65). The ATTACKER is the recipient of the information. A Wind Change DR of 3 results in information for the ATTACKER who is in a hostile or neutral country, and a Wind Change DR of 4 results in information for the ATTACKER who is in a friendly country. If players cannot agree on which side is "hostile" or "friendly", both sides are considered in a neutral country. Information cannot be refused.

EX: In all scenarios occurring in France/Italy, the Allies would be considered in a friendly country and the Germans would be considered in a hostile country.

2.41 LOCATION: The ATTACKER must then determine where on the board he has received his information. He does this by making a Random Location DR measured from his Sniper counter, and the information is revealed to all Good Order friendly ground unit(s) in the indicated hex. If that hex is unoccupied by a qualifying unit, the information is revealed to all Good Order friendly ground unit(s) in the closest (in hexes) hex to that hex (ATTACKER'S choice in case of equidistant hexes). If the ATTACKER has no Good Order units on board, no information is received.

2.42 INFORMATION: E2.42 Information Table The ATTACKER then makes a dr on the Information Table. The dr is modified by +1 if in a hostile country, or by -1 if in a friendly country.





Defenses Compromised (2.24)


Hidden Fortification(s) Revealed* (2.23)


HIP Unit(s) Revealed* (2.22)


Concealed Unit(s) Revealed (2.21)


False Information; units being informed are TI

* If not applicable, select any result with a higher Final dr up to a maximum of 6. Right of Inspection (A12.16) applies regardless of LOS.

2.43 CLARIFICATIONS: The rules for Prisoner Interrogation (2.21-.24) apply equally to the Information Table by replacing: "the prisoner player" with "the DEFENDER".