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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized

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Chapter E. Miscellaneous

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E.1 OPTIONAL/SSR: Chapter E is composed entirely of Optional rules and SSR. As such, no rule herein will be used unless specifically cited by the scenario in play or agreed upon between the players prior to play. For some players, the rules in Chapter E are superfluous—adding more in complexity and playing time than they add in enjoyment. For others, however, the system would not be complete without these provisions. Therefore, players are free to pay as much or as little attention to this chapter as suits their own purposes. For that matter, within the privacy of their own groups, players are free to design their own House Rules or modifications. However, do not expect others outside your immediate gaming circle to embrace them as willingly, or us to resolve disputes arising from the use of House Rules.

E.2 RULES ORDER: Whenever a seeming contradiction occurs between rule cases, the higher alphanumeric rule case (e.g., E1. is a higher numbered rule than A2.) always takes precedence, barring mention of a specific exception.

E.3 RANDOM LOCATION DR: This is a DR as per C1.31 (i.e., the SR final placement procedure) to determine a randomly selected hex. If normally measured from a Sniper counter's hex and the Sniper counter has been eliminated, base the Random Location DR on a hex that both players agree is within six hexes of as many ATTACKER units as possible.

E.4 MAJORITY SQUAD TYPE: An OB (or stack) that contains more than one type of Personnel unit is considered to have a Majority Squad Type equal to that of the most numerous squad type (including Prisoners) in that OB (prior to setup) or stack—weighing each unit by its respective US#. If the number of such types is equal, the Majority Squad Type is that of the least advantageous (to the owner) type among the numerically-tied types.

EX: A stack consists of a Stealthy leader, squad and crew, and three Normal HS. There are six points of Stealthy units and six points of Normal units in the stack, so the Majority Squad Type of the stack is Normal.

       E.4, E1.53 & E1.6

E.5 AERIAL RANGE: The range to/from an Aerial target is always doubled (i.e., each hex of range is counted as two); when this doubled range is mentioned in the rules, it is always referred to as the Aerial Range. PBF/TPBF (including TH Cases E and L) is NA, but halved FP for Long Range Fire is allowed vs an Aerial target.

       E.5 & E1.1

E.6 AERIAL LOS HINDRANCES: Level 2 SMOKE is considered a Hindrance to Aerial attacks/Sighting TC only if the SMOKE is in the ground target/firer's hex. Level 4 SMOKE (i.e., WP and Blazes not Dispersed by a Mild Breeze—regardless of the elevation at which it originates) is considered such a Hindrance if in the ground target's/firer's hex or adjacent to it in front of and along the LOS to the Aerial target/firer. SMOKE in the Aerial unit's hex is not a Hindrance; only SMOKE in or adjacent to the ground unit's hex is a factor in LOS to/from Aerial units.