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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized




1.1 Debris1 (EX: hex RBK3) is Inherent Terrain (B.6) [EXC: if in a Factory; 5.41] and also Concealment Terrain (A12.12). It has a +1 TEM and is a Half-level LOS Hindrance (both of which are cumulative with Factory TEM/Hindrance [EXC: see 5.41]). Debris may not be Kindled, nor may a Blaze spread to it; however, debris in a Roofless Factory Hex (EX: RBS13) can catch Fire along with the building Location (which may still be Kindled in the normal manner [EXC: Gutted; 5.51]). Debris may not be created during play.

1.2 MF/MP: Infantry must expend 1 MF+COT to enter a debris Location. (EX: 2 MF to enter ROO21, 3 MF to enter ROO22 from O21).  The only vehicle type that may enter debris is a fully-tracked AFV, which does so by expending ¼ (FRU) of its MP allotment and taking a Bog Check with a +1 DRM (and an additional +1 Bog DRM for entry of a Factory Location if applicable) [EXC to all: if Bypassing a Factory debris Location; 5.42]; if entering from "outside" the Factory, normal building entry ap­plies]. Dash (A4.63), road bonus (B3.4) and the ½-MP road rate are NA in a road hex covered by debris except via a TB (B3.43).

       B23., O1.2, & O5.42

1.3 FORTIFICATIONS: A Fortification may exist in a debris Location unless other terrain/Fortification(s) therein prohibit it.

EX: Debris hex RBK3 may contain Wire/Mines/Entrenchments/Pillbox. Debris-road hex D15 may contain Wire/Roadblock/Pillbox/non-hidden Mines. Interior Factory debris hex RBR12 may contain no Fortifications—but could be designated as a Fortified Building Location.

1.4 RUBBLE: Rubble created in, or falling (B24.12) into, any debris Location turns it into a Rubble (not debris) Location.

1.5 CLEARANCE: Debris may be Cleared [EXC: Factory debris; 5.41] as if the Location were Fallen rubble (3.2; B24.71). However, debris may not be totally Cleared from a hex contrary to the last sentence of B24.71.

1.6 MANHOLES: A printed/inherent Manhole in a debris Location is usable.

1.7 AERIAL: There is a +1 DRM to a Sighting TC vs a unit in debris [EXC: if in a Roofless Factory Hex; 5.47].

1.8 CA CHANGE: The Case A TH DRM (C5.11) is not doubled for being in debris [EXC: if also in a Factory Location; 5.41].