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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


6.1 KOREAN PEOPLE'S ARMY (KPA):26 North Korean ground forces in the Korean War were referred to as the Korean People's Army (KPA). KPA are considered Russians (A25.2) for all purposes unless specified otherwise but are never Elite (C8.2) and may conduct Human Wave (A25.23) only when specifically allowed by SSR.27 KPA MMC types are listed on the KW National Capabilities Chart. KPA Personnel have a Heat of Battle DRM of +2 and a Leader Creation drm of +1. Elite KPA squads may Deploy (A1.31; A2.9), and all Good Order elite KPA Personnel are Stealthy (A11.17). A non-KATUSA-(2.13)/non-ROK-(3.) Interrogating (E2.) a KPA prisoner must add an additional +1 DRM to any Interrogation DR.

6.2 COMMISSARS: KPA may use Commissars just as if they were 10/42 Russians (A25.22-.223). The 8+1 leader is treated as a Commissar [EXC: A KPA leader may never be replaced with an 8+1 Commissar].

6.3 MASSACRE:28 KPA may conduct Massacres (A20.4).

6.4 SUICIDE HEROES: If specified by SSR (Only), armed, Good Order KPA squads/HS may attempt to create "suicide" Heroes per G1.421-.425 (no PAATC required), and follow all rules pertaining to such (including the ability of any KPA Infantry unit to detonate a DC per G1.424). The total number of "suicide" Heroes allowed per scenario may not exceed 25% (FRU) of the number of KPA squads (only) in the OB. Any number of allowed "suicide" Heroes may set up using HIP per G1.422.

6.5 COMMUNIST GUERILLAS:29 Communist Guerilla squads, HS, and SMC use Partisan counters while their crews use Russian crew counters. All Communist Guerillas are considered Partisans (A25.24) for all purposes.

6.6 NIGHT: KPA/Partisan MMC [EXC: Infantry crews] may not fire Starshells (E1.92).