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Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook Updated and Erraticized


8.1 AIRCRAFT: 43 44 All rules for Fighter-Bombers (E7.) apply to the FB 50 and AD Skyraider except as stated otherwise. The MG Basic To Kill Number for both is "6" as "44F" column on the AP To Kill Table (C3.71).

8.11 FB 50 RECALL: A FB 50 that makes an Original Sighting TC DR ≥ 11 [EXC: ≥ 9 in scenarios set in 6-8/50] is Recalled (E7.24) at the end of the phase of the TC as per E7.31.

8.12 AD SKYRAlDER: 45 Contrary to E7.42, an AD Skyraider is not automatically flipped over to its reverse side after making a bomb attack. If, during a bomb attack, it retains ROF (C2.24; an AD Skyraider has a bomb ROF as indicated by the black "3" encased in a black square), it is not flipped over to the reverse side; however, it may not attack with bombs again in the current phase.

8.2 NAPALM: Beginning 9/50, Napalm (G17.4) is always [EXC: 8.3] available to UN FB. Upon mapboard entry (E7.2-.21), the UN player secretly records, for each FB, whether that FB is equipped with HE or Napalm bombs.

8.3 VT-FUZED BOMBS:46 In scenarios set in/after 9/50, a U.S. FB may be equipped with VT-bombs, but only when specified by SSR. VT-bombs cannot be exchanged for HE or Napalm bombs. Unless stated otherwise, VT-bombs are treated as HE bombs (E7.42) in all respects, except that W.7A-.7C also applies. The Area Target Type must be used at all times by aircraft attacking with VT-bombs; however, contrary to E7.422 any hit is resolved on the IFT one column to the left of the one corresponding to the bomb's full HE equivalency.

EX: A FB 50 conducts a bomb attack (using normal 150mm HE bombs) using the Area Target Type; a hit is resolved (per E7.422) on the IFT with only half the FP of the bomb load (15 FP [the 12 FF column]). The same attack conducted with VT-bombs is resolved on the 24 FP column (one column to left of the bombs normal HE equivalency [30 FP]).Any 150mm VT-bomb CH is resolved on the 36 column of the IFT with a -1 bonus DRM (24FP × 2 [CH]=48; 48 - 36=12; 12÷8 = 1½) (C.7).

8.4 AFV IMMUNITY ZONE:47 In scenarios set in/after 11/50, all hexes in/adjacent-to an unconcealed UN AFV that can theoretically be seen by an aircraft (E7.25) may not be attacked during a Mistaken Attack (E7.32; E7.62). If a Sighting TC results in a Mistaken Attack, the UN player cannot voluntarily remove any concealment until after the Mistaken Attack is resolved. The enemy's non-hidden onboard ground unit that is closest (in hexes) outside of all immunity zones become the initial target of the Mistaken Attack. During a Mistaken Attack by an Observation Plane (E7.62), the FFE may not be initially placed so that any hex that is within an immunity zone is part of the FFE's Blast Area (if not accurately [C1.3-.31] placed, the FFE's final placement may still be within an immunity zone). If the FEE is not accurate and the chosen target moves into an immunity zone, the FEE may still be corrected toward that unit. See the example; see also 9.114.

EX: In a scenario taking place in/after 11/50, the FB in 33S8 attempts to "sight" the concealed KPA 4-4-7 squad in S4. The Original Sighting TC DR is an 11, and the only applicable DRM is +1 (Target is within four hexes of non-HIP vehicle/MMC friendly to and in the LOS of the aircraft), resulting in Final Sighting TC DR of 12 which results in a Mistaken Attack. The 6-6-6 in R3 is the UN players non-hidden onboard ground unit that is closest (in hexes) to the aircraft's target. However, the unconcealed M26A1 in Q3 makes both its hex, and adjacent hex R3 immune to a Mistaken Attack (8.4)—the "immunity zone" indicated by the red outline. The closest target outside of all immunity zones is the 1-2-6 vehicle crew in P4. Hex P4 is not immune to a Mistaken Attack since the unconcealed M24 in O5 cannot be seen (E7.25) by the FB and the M3 ht in O3 is concealed, so neither of these AFV "project" any immunity zone.

8.5 RESTRICTED AIRSPACE:48 A hex that is in/adjacent-to an SR counter, or that is within an FFE's Blast Area may never be one of the 5-8 hexes that an aircraft moves through during a Ground Support attack (including Mistaken Attack; E7.32).